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Electrical Outlet Installation

Whether you need a new electrical outlet installed in your home or place of business, or you simply need to replace an existing outlet, Ampology Electrical Services is ready to help. Our licensed and insured electricians are equipped to tackle the toughest electrical outlet installation jobs in the Austin area.

Replacing an Existing Electrical Outlet

Replacing an outlet is usually a simple task, but still requires training in electrical wiring and installation. Do-it-yourselfers should be aware of the dangers involved and follow proper safety procedures. It’s always a good idea to have a licensed electrician do the job. This way you can be sure your electrical outlet was installed properly and is safe to use. An electrician will know what type of receptacle is needed and how to install it in compliance with national and local electrical codes. If you need an electrical outlet replaced give us a call. Our electricians have years of experience in electrical outlet installation and actually like doing it. So why not let them?

Installing GFCI Outlets

A GFCI (Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter) is a special type of electrical outlet that can sense very subtle changes in the flow of the electrical current. If the GFCI detects the potentially fatal situation of electrical current escaping to ground, it immediately trips the circuit and shuts off the power to the outlet. GFCI protected outlets are required for use in any area that is subject to water exposure. For instance, the national electrical code requires that all electrical outlets within 6 feet of a sink or water source, and all exterior electrical outlets be GFCI protected. This important device can save your life in the event of an electric shock. If your home or business doesn’t have GFCI outlets installed in wet areas, or if you need them replaced, call us today. Our electricians know the national and local electrical code requirements and can tell you exactly where in your home or business the GFCI outlets should be. Then they can install them properly and ensure they are working as they should be to keep you safe.

Installing a New Electrical Outlet

Do you need an electrical outlet in a spot that doesn’t have one? Why not add one? Adding an electrical outlet to your home or place of business might just be the solution you are looking for. The degree of difficulty for a job like this depends entirely on the unique circumstances of each job. Some things the electrician will have to consider are: what the outlet will be used for, where the outlet will be placed, whether or not the outlet will require a dedicated circuit, etc. Often times a new electrical outlet can be installed with little-to-no drywall removal, but some installations may require drywall patching in areas where access is needed to run wiring to the new outlet. If you’re tired of tripping over extension cords or staring at that overloaded electrical outlet, give us a call. Our electricians can make your electrical-outlet-related dreams come true.

Trust your electrical outlet installation project to the pros at Ampology Electrical Services. Our licensed and insured electricians are experienced in installing and replacing electrical outlets. Contact us today for a quote. 512-518-3791
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